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          Getting Started

          Prepare for your closing and set up account access

          Prepare for Your Closing

          A Citizens Bank representative will call to schedule your closing. If you plan to use your HELOC to pay off other loans or credit obligations, please be prepared to review those accounts during your call.

          Closing Checklist

          •   Before closing: Open a Citizens Checking or Savings account, and enroll in Online Banking, for quick access to your funds.
          •   Before closing: Set up Auto Pay if you want a HELOC rate discount. Call 1-888-462-0900 to sign up.
          •   Ensure that all property owners can attend the closing.
          •   Each property owner should bring a valid photo ID. 

          Right of Rescission

          Once you’ve signed the closing documents, you have a window of three business days (Monday–Saturday, excluding federal holidays) — called the “Right of Rescission”— during which you may cancel the transaction for any reason. Please note that this only applies if you’re using your primary residence to secure the HELOC. If you don’t exercise this right, your HELOC account will be set up and accessible on the fourth business day, and your payoffs and funds will be disbursed.

          Need your funds ASAP?

          Want access to your HELOC funds once the rescission period ends, but don’t have Online Banking? No problem. Let your representative know you need immediate funds, which will be deposited directly into your Checking or Savings account.

          HELOC Account Access

          Once the Rescission Period ends, you can access your HELOC funds in one of the following ways:

          • One-Time Deposit

            If you requested funds to be drawn down immediately, they will be deposited directly into your Checking or Savings account four business days after your closing.
          • Online & Mobile Banking*

            If you’re enrolled in Online Banking and have our free Mobile Banking app*, you can conveniently transfer funds and manage your account any time, anywhere. Want to “go paperless?” Sign up for monthly e-statements through Online Banking.

          • In Branch

            Visit one of our convenient branch locations during regular business hours. Find a branch.
          • HELOC Checks

            Use your HELOC checks, which should arrive by mail 7-10 business days after your closing. Learn More.

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